Delicated to Papa

***17th June***

Happy Father’s Day, Papa Yap! Thank you for giving us the utmost care, concern and love. It is definitely not an easy year for us but thank you for giving Darian and me everything that you can. Let’s us work together for a better future. 🙂 You have work real hard for our family and provide us with the best that you can. You have always been there for us in good times or bad. You have been nothing but selfless. You mean so much to us and of course we love you as much as you love us too! You are the love of our life. muacks… ❤

 A surprise Adidas top and Astons take away for dinner to celebrate Father’s Day seem rather simple and plain. But what’s more important is having us spending the day together. Happiness doesn’t necessarily need to be expensive. It’s the love we shared and quality time spent that counts. Right? 🙂

Dinner from Astons 🙂

My man 🙂

And so at the end of the day…. Though it’s Father’s Day, you still had to do area cleaning for me. Hehe 😉 See that’s why I said you are the best! Love you! muackz…



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