Into Week 30

Have been feeling very lethargic and restless lately. There are so many times that I felt so tired to even cook for my precious son. But of course, I still have to serve my little king. Haha what to do… He is such a fussy eater. Would be seeing my little princess on the 25th. So happy 🙂 Right now, her kicks, punches and wriggles are much stronger and they are really brightening up my days. 🙂 I have already finished washing Darian’s baby clothing and all the bedsheet sets. It’s time to wash her newly bought clothes. 🙂 We have just bought a number of clothing for my princess. Wow… there are just plenty of pretty girls’ clothing out in the malls! Couldn’t resist buying them. Haha… Being a kiasu mummy, these new clothing are all like for 6 months and above. Seriously, they would outgrow them real fast and anyway we would not be bringing baby out often for the first three months. Buying bigger sizes would be more practical! But still I would need to get a few pieces of smaller size clothes. Would be going for a second round of shopping soon. 🙂

Meimei’s loots 😉

Meanwhile, Papa Yap would be on leave for the next week. Yippee! Looking forward to spend much quality time with the boys starting from this weekend. 🙂 Darian would be elated too! We will be making plans for the good one week of leave. There are a few places that we have on mind to go to. Shall update again. 🙂



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