Splish Splash

***3rd June***

Brought Darian to the Seng Kang Swimming pool on a Sunday morning. It’s our first time going there on a weekend. It’s quite crowded. Last time, Papa Yap would take leave during the weekdays to bring little Darian for water play to avoid crowds. As he is getting busier and it’s rather difficult for him to do so, we can only go during the weekends. For the next trip, we will go on a Saturday instead to compare the crowd.

Hah anyway, Darian started the day crying over the swim suit and that we almost cancelled the swimming trip. He didn’t like the material and the zip. I had to insist putting it on for him. No joke, he was crying till we almost reached the swimming complex. What a nuisance…haha… Luckily things got better when we reached the carpark. He seemed rather excited seeing the swimming pool. Both father and son changed up and went into the pool. Darian hesitated for a short while before entering the water. After getting into it, he stayed in the same spot for quite a while before he got braver and decided to explore around. Well he is still frightened with the pouring water but things weren’t that bad as compared to the Sentosa trip. This time round, he did enjoyed himself and spent a good one and a half hour there. And he mentioned that he wants to come swimming again. It’s really all worthwhile to wake up early to bring him out for some water fun! 😉

Daddy and sonny water time 🙂

Trying to be cheeky huh! haha…

Mimicking others… haha

Swimming is fun! 😉

Little bond 😉

We’ll come again! 🙂



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