@28 weeks

At 28 weeks, our baby girl weighed approximately 1200 grams and I am already 69kg. Phew… Can’t imagine how to shed off all these excess weights after popping! Haha… During this stage of pregnancy, I get tired easily and experiencing more intense backaches so I couldn’t stand for too long. There are times when I felt rather breathless and little aching around the pelvic area too. There will be frequent needs to urinate and many times when I sneezed, I would pee a little. Gosh… Also on random occasion, I just felt that I couldn’t control my emotions that well. Hah just blame the hormones for that! It’s like another 12 weeks more before the arrival of our little girl. As the date drew nearer, I am getting much tense. Though it’s my second pregnancy, I am feeling much more nervous than the first. Seriously! Perhaps it’s because I have been through it and so I am getting more conscious of the process of birth.

Darian is still as positive with the arrival of his little sister. He often stroked and kissed my tummy. Just the night before, he even sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Stars to his sister. How sweet! 🙂 I will frequently remind him of loving, playing and sharing things with his sister. Whenever I asked if he could share his pillow, beanbag and bolster with his sister. His reply would always be “No it’s Darian’s. Buy new one for baby.” Haha at least this shows that he is really much aware of his sister. Both Papa Yap and I had agreed on bringing Darian for more outdoor activities before I give birth. As most likely we would be staying home most of the time for three months after the arrival of his little sister.

Hmm… Name choosing is such a hassle. We got to look for names that both of us are really comfortable with. Hopefully we will finalized with the name soon and update it asap. 🙂 As for now, I have bought some baby necessities and have started washing little Darian’s baby clothes. There are really so many to wash and it would take a few rounds to wash them all. Looking through Darian’s baby clothings, I realised that I had bought quite a number of neutral colour clothes for him. So which mean I would just have to buy some out going clothes for our little girl. We can really save on the clothes part as they would outgrown them real fast! 🙂



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