Port of Lost Wonder

***22nd May***

@Sentosa – Port of Lost Wonder

On the second day of Papa Yap’s off day, we brought Darian to Sentosa. There is this new water playground by the Palawan Beach called the Port of Lost Wonder. The site as compared to Wild Wild Wet is way smaller but it is still a pretty place for the kids.  And of course the admission is much cheaper too. Alright the best part is that there is free admission for the adults. Inside there is a pirate ship water play area, picnic area with foams provided for sitting and leisure activities for the kids.

After changing, we thought Darian would be much adapted to water playing after yesterday Zoo trip. However, we were very wrong. His reaction was worse than the day before. He totally refused to enter the water and kept crying. He looked much tensed. Papa Yap had to carry him around and encourage him to play. Little Darian kept saying that he is scared. According to Papa Yap, the little monster held him so tight and each time when they walked near any showering or squirting water, he would be shivering. We really do not know what the exact reason is. Perhaps it’s because I did not join him in the water and he felt insecure. After half an hour of coaxing and encouragement under the extreme hot weather, we decided to bring him to the sand play area instead.

This is his first time playing with sand. Not too bad. He did enjoyed playing with his sand play toys. Yet he seemed rather stiff sitting on the sand. Wahaha.. It was quite an amusing sight. 😉 He was quite sensitive with cleanliness. Little fussy boy kept sweeping off sand on his legs and hands. He didn’t even want to walk around barefooted. Haha… Papa Yap mentioned that Darian is exactly like me. What to do when I am his primary caregiver. 😉 Hah I assured Papa Yap that our boy would outgrown this stage pretty fast if we provided him with more of such outdoor experiences.

We left the place at 3-ish and headed back home. I seriously need a cool bath! Weather was damn hot man! Anyway it was still a good experience for Darian. Perhaps that next time when we visit the place, Darian would be all ready for water play and we might even have to drag him out of the place. Haha Yay Ahoy! 😉

Pirate themed water playground.

Papa Yap trying hard to convince his precious boy.

Oh boy what’s with your stiff smile? Haha…

Sand play time for the two boys.

Little Pirate



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