A day at the Zoo

***21st May***

Breakfast time!

While waiting for Papa Yap to purchase the tickets. 🙂

Tram ride to the elephant show.

Since it was Papa Yap’s off day and Darian has been talking about the Zoo, we planned for an outing to the Zoo. Before going to the Zoo, we headed to Sengkang Sports Hall Macdonald for our breakfast. We reached at 10-ish and started our Zoo adventure. We had already planned our itinerary for the day on the night before to ensure a smooth route and minimal walking for me. During our first Zoo trip (together with my sis) we had already covered most of the shows and enclosures.  Therefore this time round, we decided to give a miss to some animal shows and enclosures.

@The Elephant Show


@The White Tiger enclosure

For the start, we headed for the Elephant Show. Darian enjoyed the show so much. He was totally engrossed. After which we went to several enclosures before heading for lunch at the kids World. Throughout the trip, Little Darian insisted on holding on to the Zoo map. Luckily Papa Yap was smart to predict this and had requested for an extra copy for him. Darian was really trying to read the map. So cute! While we were at the giraffe enclosure, he did manage to find the location on the map. He looked so serious and told us “there giraffe”! 😉 Haha! Darian was super excited seeing the white tigers too. He has been asking us to bring him to the tiger enclosure upon reaching the Zoo. We spent a while at the enclosure watching the white tiger pacing up and down and one tiger even climbed down for a swim.

@The water playground

After lunch, Papa Yap and little Darian changed for water play. Darian displayed fear in playing in the water playground which we were rather surprised. We have brought him to the swimming pool and even to the Wild Wild Wet before. He had so much fun playing there. Yet this time, he was so frightened and didn’t even dare to stand near the squirting and pouring water. Hmm… We were totally puzzled. Perhaps it has been quite some time that we did not bring him for any water play. Anyway both of us had agreed to bring him to the swimming pool regularly in order for him to overcome his fear.

We ended the Zoo trip with a tram ride around the Zoo. Papa Yap realised that Darian was able to name out quite a number of animals. He was very happy and bought him a set of animal figurines at the gift shop. We left the Zoo at 4.30pm. It was really a tiring day for all of us! Overall, we enjoyed ourselves very much. The Zoo trip was fantastic! 🙂

Naming the animal figurines 🙂

“Thank you Papa”

Tired boy! 🙂



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