My 3rd Mama’s Day

***13th May***


Had a mother’s day dinner at Fish and Co Tampines One with my two boys. Though it was just a simple dinner, I am contented. Simple pleasure like this equates blissfulness. 🙂 Earlier that day, Papa Yap and I caught “The Avengers” after settling Darian at my mother’s house. It was pretty good! 🙂

The staff at Fish and Co gave the two boys an activity card to make a paper flower for me. Papa Yap and little Darian began their project instantly. Well of course little Darian wasn’t of any help.  He was playing with the straw and leftover of the paper. Haha! Soon, the so called paper flower was done! Hehe.. I think Papa Yap needs more practices on his fine motor skills. 😉 Dinner was fantastic with my two boys! We ended the dinner with a slice of awfully sweet chocolate cake! Hah I really don’t enjoy sweet stuff. But just for that day! 🙂

I love you Darian Yap!

Dinner is served.

Project in progress.

We love you Mommy! Happy Mother’s Day! 🙂

Thank you my two loves! 🙂

Awfully sweet to the max!

I am blessed with a wonderful husband, loving son and my little princess coming along. Life is great! I am thankful. 🙂



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