Outdoor fun on a lovely Saturday

***12th May***

At Marina Barrage

My Family 🙂

Mr and Miss tourist

It was an ideal weather and time for picnic-ing and kite flying. Perfect! 🙂 We reached Marina Barrage at 4-ish, met up with my sis and John and we were all ready to set up the picnic area. There was an event going on which explained the crowd and mascot. Luckily my sister and John were there early to reserve a good place for us. 

Papa Yap was preparing his kite when he realised that one of the rod for the kite was missing. Since there was a kite booth at the level one of Marina Barrage, he bought a new kite. Soon he came back with an ugly kite (which he claims that it is the prettiest at the booth).  That  “look so pirated Angry Bird” kite costs a good $15! Crappy! Anyway we still couldn’t help it but to laugh at his new kite. 😉 

Little Darian was happily hopping and running around with a bottle of bubbles solution. My sis and John took turns to play with the little active boy. My sis and John bought cake, sushi platter and old chang kee for the picnic. Coincidentally I had prepared drinks and old chang yee as well. Haha so many puffs n spring rolls to eat! Alright, kite flying seems easy but to actually do it, is definitely not that easy. John took quite a while to fly up the kite. Haha. And at the end of the day he managed to fly the kite real real high that the kite remained up in the vast sky and was never seen again! Wahahaha! Luckily the sun has set and it was almost time to leave if not we got to spend another $15 for another ugly kite. Until today little Darian still remembered John lost the kite. Haha 😉

All of us had loads of fun and laughter. We took a number of photos. Glad that the precious moments were captured and saved. Though tiring, we had enjoyed ourselves very much and looked forward to more of such outdoor activites. To sum up everything, it was definitely an awesome day! 🙂

All ready for picnic and kite flying 🙂

My sis and I

Little Darian having so much fun blowing the bubbles.

Learning  how to fly a kite.

Serious learner John! Haha

Sonny and Mommy

My big boy! 😉

#Loveslovesloves 🙂



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