@24 weeks

Pregnancy at 24 weeks, my baby girl is estimated 675grams heavy and growing well. Dr Ang tried to do a 3D scan but my girl was not in a right position. We could only see a little of her lips, chin and nose. Hopefully at the next visit, we are able to get a full view of her face. As for me, I have put on like another 3kgs in a month. So I’m now already 66 kg!  Alright if this goes on before I pop,  I really couldn’t imagine how I would look like. Wahaha… I really felt rather clumsy at times. My clothes, my pregnancy pants, my bras are like so tight! Cant breathe in them. Hehe… Her kicks, punches, and squirms are like my essentials right now. Enjoying and loving all the little movements in me. 🙂 Whenever I tell Darian of baby’s kicks, he would get so excited and stroke my tummy. Loving brother, isn’t he? It’s like three more months to seeing our baby girl. We are getting so so excited! 🙂 Loves Loves



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