Snip Snip Snipety Snip

***1st May***

Brought Darian to Vivo City Kids Junior League in Toys R Us for his haircut. Despite the journey and price ($22), apparently this is the only place that could pacify him after his hair cut as the kids salon is situated right inside Toys R Us. So after his haircut, he is able to recover fast seeing all those toys and he knew he could get a toy as a reward. What an expensive haircut! haha… Seriously hair cutting sessions are like nightmare. We had tried going to the barber and hairdresser. But he detested haircuts so much and would struggle, fidget and cry bloody murder in the midst of the sessions. No joke, he cried and screamed so loud that many passerby stopped and looked at us! Haha…  Perhaps he didn’t like the environment and felt very tensed sitting in there. Anyway we do not want to traumatize him with such experiences therefore we are willing to travel all the way to Vivo City just for his haircut after the first experience there. At least he was much willing to be seated on Papa Yap’s lap to cut his hair, of course with whines, fidgets and little cries.

Before his haircut.

This time, to our surprise, he was very cooperative and brave! Upon his turn, he walked into the mini salon holding onto his queue no card and willingly sit on the booster seat by himself. He also allowed the hairdresser to wrap the plastic cover around his neck. Hehe… Such a relieved. Looking at him at that instant, I can’t help to realise that my boy has grown up so much! A big boy now. 🙂 And of course he got toys as a reward after the haircut session. Hopefully the next haircut session would be as smoothly as this one. *Crossing our fingers*

After his haircut. My handsome boy!



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