A stroll

***27th April***

Waterway @ Punggol

Since Papa came back earlier than the usual, he suggested to take a stroll down to the Punggol waterway. I thought it was a great idea especially after a hearty dinner. Little Darian was excited too! As I told him we would be bringing along his bicycle. 🙂 Oh and how can I not bring along the insect repellent! Haha… Little Darian was irritated by the sprays on his legs. 😉

 The park is rather serene and quiet during the night. Spotted a number of cyclists and joggers along the stretch of waterway. We saw an old lady practising “Tai Ji” near the lighted tentage. The tentage structure would change to various colours throughout the night. Sitting under it, triggers a calm and relaxing effect. If only there is some chilled wine and soft music in the background, would then be perfect. Hehe…

Darian’s first attempt maneuvering the bicycle was considered fairly well. He definitely needs more practices on the pedals! Anyway good job son! 😉

We didn’t manage to complete walking around the whole park. The area is way too big and it’s really getting late for us. Some other day during the day time perhaps. The 90 minutes stroll down the park was indeed quite an exercise for me! Simple family bonding activities like this… let us feel so blessed having the loved ones by our sides. I really love moments like this. 🙂



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