The usual peeps

***24th march***

A dinner session with the usual peeps at Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant at UE Square. Frankly the food was only so so, we felt the sushi and sashimi wasn’t that fresh and fantastic. Yet the dinner was great with the bunch of super idiotic friends. And we even had a room for ourselves.  Hah, we have been friends since secondary school. That’s more than a decade till now! Most of us were in the same secondary school except for Frog and Jon. Recalling the past… I had always organised soccer game at the basket ball court for the guys (Since I can’t play and so I had to be the secretary for Papa yap).  Meeting up for drinks, dinner, clubs, KTV session, chalet, lan game, supper, etc… Haha… Lots of funny stupid things we did in the past… However, we meet up lesser and lesser as we got older due to various commitments and especially now that Papa Yap and I have a kid. Yet it’s really nice that all of us would still try to attend any dinner dates which has been organised. Our friendship till now is really amazing. 🙂 Cheers!

Such a pity that Angela, Jiaxiang and Lau couldn’t made it. Well, anyway there would always be a next time. 🙂 After the dinner, the guys headed down to a Club Aura. With a kid of course we didn’t join them. Hah that’s one pros for being single or without kids. 😉

Group photo 1 (haha why is Jing Jing covering her mouth?) 😉

Group photo 2 by lousy photographer aka FROG! haha

Us 🙂

Michelle (Elliott’s gf), Elliott, Jon, Cheng Yee

Alvin, Kenny, Weng, Frog

Ann (Alvin’s gf) and Darian

Kenny and Darian



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