Blue or Pink

and it’s…… PINK!! haha 🙂

First set of clothings for my little princess. And of course more to come! Wahaha 😉

***2nd March***

At the 16th week, Dr Ang mentioned to us that very likely the baby would be a girl. However it would be more accurate to determine the gender during the detail scanning on the 30th March. And so we waited for that day to reconfirm. What a suspense! haha…

Finally after the ‘long’ wait, at the 20th week, it’s confirmed that baby would be a girl! We are glad to hear that and especially elated to know that baby is growing well too. How nice having a boy and a girl. Well balance just like in Chinese the word 好’ which means good is made up of two words 女(girl, woman, daughter ) and 子(child, son). Anway we are both fine with having a boy as well. What’s most important to us is actually the baby’s health. 🙂

Right now, in my 21st week, I have put on a good 7 kg! I am having enormous appetite. Even Papa Yap thinks so too. 😉 Somehow he seems very happy feeding me. Wahha… I seriously need a lot of food! Every night before, I would be planning my menu for the next day. Breakfast, lunch, teabreak, dinner and supper. Fat me! haha.. Whatever it is, I am truly happy to be fat for now. 😉



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