Disney on ice 2012

***17th March***

Watched the Disney on ice at the indoor stadium on a Saturday early morning (10am) together with Jeff’s family, Ang and Yanni. Little Darian was truly excited about the show. The night before,  I reminded him that we would be watching the Disney show the next day and he was so cooperative in keeping his toys and sleeping early. Haha! :p At the show, the three boys, Jayden, Javier and Darian were extremely engrossed with the show. While the adults were almost dozing off. And Papa Yap really dozed off for a short while! 😉 Haha.. Well it wasn’t that bad actually. Anyway most importantly is that the kids enjoyed the show! 🙂 After the show, we had a fulfilling lunch at Suntec Soup Restaurant. Yum Yum! Just love the steam chicken wrapped with lettuce, cucumber and ginger paste!Talking about this I’m hungry again! Gosh! Then we went to carrefour for some window shopping and ended the day at coffee bean. What a great Saturday! Oh ya and little darian likes to play with the two boys so much that he cried when we left. Haha my crybaby! 😉


My Mickey Mouse! 😉



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