My little handsome boyfriend


This little boy has been getting more cheeky, quick tempered and demanding… haha… Seriously not easy to handle him, his screaming and cries at times. However on the other hand, he is just so adorable. He can really engage everyone in laughter. We simply couldn’t have enough of him! Love him 🙂

Though he started calling ”Mama” before one and susequently after one, words like ball, bubbles, bear, car, papa, apple, choo choo etc.. Then he stopped picking up new words till almost two. I was kind of worried as I have seen my friend’s son starting to speak at 18months while Darian was still blabbering and showing the sign language back then. We consulted the PD and she told us not to worry too much as Darian was able to say out a number of words and his comprehension skills is good. Friends in early childhood practices would say that boys are generally slower in comparison. I reckon that too and I believe everyone as an unique individual. And after his second birthday, he started calling me ”mummy”. haha 🙂 Right now, Darian’s speech has definitely improved. Words he used to say like “yi yi”,” jiu jiu” has become clearer, his vocabulary has increased (he is able to say “Daddy”, Papa Yap is so happy!) and he has using short phrases like, “Darian eat bread”, “mummy open”, “mummy take toys”, “papa buy toys”, “I draw mickey mouse nice” etc.. He is learning to form sentences.  And currently his favourite word is no longer “no” but “why”.  He just love to ask why! Lol! 😉 Gosh he is growing so fast and I am really happy to witness his development. 🙂



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