Celebrating the 14th

***14th March***

Happy 14th anniversary to my dearest Papa Yap!

We have spent more than a decade together; 9 years as couple and 5 years as husband and wife. 🙂 There were ups and downs throughout these 14 years. Yet these years have been indeed amazing. I would want to thank Papa Yap for all the years of tender loving care, everything that you have done for me and our darling son. Especially after giving birth to Darian and right now expecting the younger one. 🙂 I bet it’s definitely not easy handling my nonsense and expectations! 🙂 hehe…

And so with the help of my parents and aunt to babysit little Darian, we manage to have a ”just the two of us” moment for the night. 🙂 Celebrating our love at Melt Cafe at Mandarin Oriental Hotel. Hah finally a peaceful and enjoyable dinner with Papa Yap. 😉

A simple dinner affair is yet blissful. 🙂


To the world, you may be just one person. But to me, you are the world. With each year I’ll love you more. Remember that your best years are still ahead of you and I’ll be there for every up down and in between. Mama n Darian love you so so much! Muacks! ❤



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