Little Lion Dance

Ever since Darian watched the lion dance shuffling video on youtube and the actual lion dance performance at auntie Elaine’s place, he has been really fascinated by it. He would search the lion dance streaming videos on ipad/iphone through related videos and pretend to be lion dancing around the living hall as well. wahaha… 🙂 It’s super hilarious! He would used a box to put over his head, move around and make the ‘tong tong chiang’ rhythm. Everyone agreed that his observation skills is superb. The way he moves and jumps around following closely to the tempo of the music, blinks his eyes, shakes his butt and head, is really quite similar to the actual lion dance. 🙂 This little boy can really amuse everyone! 😉 Love him so much ❤

His ah gong bought him a miniature lion dance prop. 🙂



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