The Petite Park

***17th February***

Papa Yap came back early and so we decided to bring Darian to Changi beach to see the aeroplanes then followed by checking out the new mall next to the Singapore Expo. However, it started to rain heavily on our way to the beach and hence we went directly to Changi City Point instead. Hah on our way to the mall, along the long stretch of changi beach, we did saw a number of aeroplanes and a few landing and taking off. Darian was so excited! 🙂

The mall was pretty big with a number of branded factory outlets. We shopped around and bought ourselves a Nike polo t-shirt each. From far, little Darian spotted a big indoor ‘playground’ for the kids and kept asking us to bring him there. His body and soul was like attracted to that place. Lol! His patience was definitely running low each time we entered a shop. He was fussing and tugging us! haha… Finally, we made our way there. He was truly excited! 🙂 

And so the indoor ‘playgound’ is called The Petite Park. Another unplanned play that made us purchased another three pairs of socks. Hah Darian was wearing his crocs on that day too. I guess I ought to be putting socks in the baby bag in future for anymore unplanned activities. Definitely a child friendly playground with lots of colourful playthings. Overall, I personally prefered here to Kids Explorer and SingKids. I think this place is more suitable for toddlers and kids age from 1 to 5. As usual my boy is attracted to the big balloons in the netted area. He dashed towards the balls upon entering. Darian had a wonderful time playing and refused to leave after 95min of playtime. We were trying to stop a crying toddler and bring him out of the petite park. Wasn’t easy at all! Needs a little skill or two…Haha…Maybe this is his very first visit, he is too overwhelmed with the playthings and thus refused to leave the place. Most of the time, he will be rather cooperative and leave a play area aftering bidding the playthings goodbye. Hah never mind there is always a first time. ;p

My little boyfriend and me 🙂

Kungfu??? Haha

Papa and Son!

Burying himself in the ball pit.

Sititing on the rocking horse

Excuse me, crawling through the tunnel! 🙂

Building a house.

Papa trying to sit him on the moving balls! So funny! 🙂

It’s cooking time!

And his all time favourite! Choo Choo! 🙂

And so another happy day for us and little Darian especially! 🙂



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