J&J’s birthday


Attended Jayden and Javier’s mini birthday party at their house which is just a few streets away from us. Just the usual peeps, us together with Ang and Yanni, to celebrate both Js’ birthday. Jeff and Cardine ordered so much food for us. There were fried beehoon and noodles, fried rice, hor fun, chilli and black pepper crabs and Sakae Yu Sheng. Yummy! I ate a little chilli crab. Opps! haha.. couldn’t resist the temptation. There is this old wives tales that preggy woman should not eat crab as the child would become very active. Hah! Anyway I ate a little crab when I had little Darian back then too! 🙂

As usual little Darian enjoyed himself so much at their place! There are so many toys for him to play! Haha… Like a mini toy kingdom. No doubt, Darian really likes kor kor Jayden and Javier companion. And the two kor kor really sayang Darian too! 🙂 For the adults, we had a session of card games and of course a great deal of laughter!


Happy Birthday Jayden and Javier! May you both grow healthy, strong and smart! 🙂



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