Hello baby

A wonderful and joyous news! 🙂

As for now I’m already three months pregnant. My EDD would be in mid August. The feeling is just so wonderful. 🙂 The thought of being a mummy for the second time is simply blissful. Papa Yap is equally happy too! Not to mention my family, aunts, uncles and cousins. 🙂 It came as an early Christmas present for both of us. 🙂 Little Darian is aware of the baby in me. We have been telling him about having a baby in mummy, asking him to say “good night” to baby, ”kissing” and stroking my tummy, bringing him along for checkups and showing him the ultra scans as well. He shows positive-ness towards having a sibling. Hopefully he will be loving brother. 🙂 I’m seeing the same gynecologist Dr Lawrence Ang, at Sembawang Plaza. His clinic is still as packed as before. Dr Ang is always busy and his consultation is usually very precise and fast. For us being precise and fast means that baby is growing well and everything is fine. Of course, when I have any enquiries or area of concerns he will definitely answer them all. But if you are those who like to have “chit-chat” session with the gynae, I don’t think he would be ideal for you. Despite Papa Yap’s busy work schedules, he is willing to take leave and accompany me for checkup. Thank you Papa Yap for your tender loving care. Love you ❤

Oh I was having morning sickness for the first 2 months. Hah, it was quite bad. Feeling nauseous every now and then (Not just morning but the whole day), puking each time after meal. I have to stocked up my fridge with candies, H2O, 100 Plus, ribena, milo  and biscuit crackers. Stayed at home most of the time, didn’t want to go out (even for shopping). Hah just imagine how bad it was… I didn’t experience this when I had Darian. It was not easy man. Thank god, as days passed by the frequency of my morning sickness gradually decreased. Finally at the 10 weeks, it stopped compeletely. Just in time for Chinese New Year. Haha… Luckily, it’s over. 🙂 This time round, we couldn’t engage the previous confinement lady, Feng Jie. She is such a popular confinement lady with lots of bookings; especially in this Dragon year. A popular year for parents who want to give birth to a dragon baby… Anyway we managed to find another confinement lady Zhen Jie, recommended by Joyce and TT. Hopefully she would be as good as Feng Jie or even better. 🙂

Though I’m ”ballooning” way much faster as compared to the first pregnancy, I’m happy at the same time. Haha! 🙂 It’s time to unpack the pregnancy clothing kept in the zip lock bags. I can’t wait for the next checkup in March to see my baby and to hear about his well being. At the same time, we might be able to know the gender of the baby. How exciting! 🙂

Hello baby! 🙂



5 thoughts on “Hello baby

  1. Hihi,

    I came across your blog while googling on Zhen Jie.
    Would like to know if you have applied for work permit for confinement nanny for her?
    I am having her as my CL for my baby end May this year and wondering if she is the same CL as yours.

    Do you mind sharing her contacts with me?

    Thank you.


    • Hi Bernice,

      So far for both my pregnancy, I didn’t apply for any work permit and I have not heard from friends about it too.

      I might have her pic in my baby shower post. Hopefully your zhen jie is as helpful as mine. Overall I’m pleased with her. She did help out with cooking for my hubby and son. Wash the clothes and mop the floor daily.

      I’m sorry that I don’t have her contact with me now as I’m current overseas.

      Anyway congrats to you. Hope you enjoy motherhood as much as I do! Happy cny to you too! 🙂


  2. Hi Joyce,

    I came across you blog when I google Feng Jie. I might wanna hire her as my CL. But I am not sure is ur previous CL Feng Jie same as the one I found. She was recommended by my friend’s friends where I had little knowledge about her. Mind to share her contact? Thank you.

    Best regards,


  3. Hi there, I managed to get in touch with a Feng JIe and I am not sure if its the same as yours. Could you share her contact details? I want to ensure that the person I am getting is a good CL. thanks!

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