Dragon Year 2012

CNY has always been the same. It’s just like a routine to many. First to this house, next to that, then to another… This time round, my aunties decided on going for a day cruise on the first day of CNY and so my paternal side was rather quiet as compared to the previous years. I seriously missed those CNY days with my paternal grandmother… When I was young, I like CNY simply because there will be new clothes, good food, lots of goodies and red packets. As time passed by, I realised that the feel for CNY is no longer because of those reasons but actual fact it is a chance to gather around with various families, the relatives and cousins, and friends.

This year, as usual, we went to the various houses, attended a number of house visits, had 6 “Lou Hei” and had a few rounds of gambling sessions. And finally the 15 days of CNY has ended. 🙂 In this dragon year, I wish for good health for my family. I wish that Papa Yap’s career will be as smooth sailing. I wish for happiness always. Huat ah!

Darian saying GONG XI GONG XI!

My handome boy 🙂


Poker Time!

Us on Day 1

The two of us 🙂

Lion Dance at Auntie Elaine’s

Dragon dance

Ending Day 2 rather early…

”Lou Hei” with the usual peeps! Huat ah!!



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