Christmas 2011

Since having Darian, Christmas countdown is no longer a night of alcohol, dance and music . Instead a simple gathering with family and friends made it more meaningful. This year, we had a few Christmas invites. 🙂

First, was over at my cousin, Li Jiuen’s house. Li Jiuen and her husband, Edwin were definitely great host. They had prepared lots of foods and goodies bags for everyone. Edwin even dressed up as Santa Claus to distribute little pressies to the kids! How sporting he is! 🙂 We had gifts exchange for the adults too. Papa Yap received a Esprit towel set and I’ve got a blouse! Nice 🙂

Darian with Mr Santa Claus 🙂

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

My family

Thank you Mr Santa Claus!

Second, was at our friends, Richard and Yanni’s house. We had decided on pot luck for the gathering and I’d prepared spaghetti. We had gifts exchange for the kids instead. Darian received Thomas Tshirt, socks and MnM Tshirt from Uncle Jeff and Auntie Cardine. So nice of them to buy for him during their US and London trip! 🙂 Uncle TT and Auntie Joyce bought him a Thomas Cap. He loved it too! As usual the adult had so much laughter and of course, the kids were happily playing together. Oh not to forget Richard and Yanni have got a really beautiful Christmas tree decorated with Mickey mouse and Minie mouse ornaments! Pretty! 🙂

Lovely Christmas tree

Haha the kids with Uncle TT

Darian and his buddies 😉

Third, we went to Aunt Jennie’s house! We didn’t manage to take any photo on that day. Such a pity! Anyway, we did had so much laughter during the gift exchange. All the presents was so….hmmm… interesting. Haha… Just imagine they had beers, Thailand dried spicy shrimps as presents. Wahaha.. Super funny! 

Overall, this year Christmas was indeed a joyous and blissful one! Also, Lil’Darian had received a lot of Christmas Presents! Happy boy 🙂



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