Choo choo!!

Lil’Darian really adores Thomas the train. (If you have read my previous post, you ought to realise that. Haha…) Ever since he started walking, whenever we stepped into toy department stores, he would set his eyes on Thomas the train and run toward the toys. Not long after, he began his Thomas the train collections. He has a number of Thomas and his friends trains pull along and 7 sets of Thomas the train railway tracks at home. Right now, both of us feels that he has enough of such toys and we should not let him buy anymore. Instead, we are looking at educational toys and I have just bought him four sets of wooden puzzles as his Christmas present. 🙂

Choo Choo Thomas!

Anyway, the battery operated trains are really noisy and annoying whenever he switches on them for quite a while. (Just imagine he wouldn’t allow us to switch them off too!) In instances when the trains hit one another off the tracks, he gets pretty upset and expects us to put the trains back on the tracks. Gosh! We really do not have such patient after helping him a number of times. Also, we have to keep replacing the batteries! So irritating. Finally, Papa Yap decided to keep some of the battery operated trains!  haha :p

His Thomas collection! (Many more tracks kept away as we do not have the space to join up all. )

Meal times and drinking sessions have been made more interesting for him. The very first time I bought him his Thomas water bottle, plates and bowls, I saw a super delighted face! Haha… I remembered vividly when he first used the Thomas water bottle, he finished the whole bottle of water even before reaching the shopping mall and resulted in a heavy diaper within a short period. Hah! I was joking with Papa Yap that it must be the water tastes much sweeter in the Thomas water  bottle and that’s why he finishes up all in a go. Haha :p

Lil’Darian carrying the thomas water bottle, getting ready to go out.

Just two months ago, my sister’s friend PiJun, bought him a packet of organic pasta – Thomas shapes. He got extremely excited seeing it and kept hurrying me to open up the packet for him to taste. Haha.. Of course, he stopped after I explained to him that I have to cook the pasta in order for him to eat. At the moment, I seriously can see his ”I can’t wait to eat up Thomas” face! Haha 🙂 On the day I cooked the pasta, he insisted that I stayed in the kitchen and continue cooking. Each time I stepped out of the kitchen, he will point at the kitchen and shout “NO NO, GO GO GO, COOK!” haha… What a funny son! Now that he had finished up the pasta and kept pulling out the drawer(where I used to keep the pasta), I need to get more this to make him real happy. 🙂

Mr happy in his “I am so gonna gobble you all up!” facial expression. Haha :p

Till now, everytime Darian sees Thomas, he will say out “Choo Choo”. We will prompt him to pronounce the word but he is still unable to say out ‘ Thomas’. Anyway it’s good that he tried, once he mastered the various sounds, he would be able to articulate the word and then we would be all prepared to hear him shouting for ‘Thomas! Hah will wait patiently for the day to come. 🙂



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