Tiny Tower

Have been playing this game – Tiny Tower on Ipad for the longest time. It can really sustain my interest in playing the game. Unlike other games like Smurfs, you seriously need the time to play and maintain them. For this, as and when i have the time then i would log in and play. The graphics are so cute and the colours are vibrant. Love it! 🙂 I can customised the colours of the shops and residential apartments to my liking. Also, I can even change the costumes for the Bitizens (the little peoples). Super cute! Right now after the latest update, my tower is standing at 148 tall with 275 Bitizens and most of them are in their dream jobs. 🙂

My Tiny Tower :p

Generally, the main aim of this game is to build a tower and manage the various shops and residential apartments as well as the Bitizens who live within the tower. Profit would be earned, in form of coins, from the sales of stocks and the rents from Bitizens. The coins are needed in constructing floors and purchasing stocks for businesses.  There are other tasks like: delivering the little characters to specified floors, searching for a specific Bitizen within the tower and the arrival of various VIP’s (Construction worker, Big spender, Property agent, Delivery man and Celebrity)- each of which gives a specific bonus to the player.

Besides using the Tower Bux to speed up stocking and the construction of floors, you can use it to move new Bitizens in. These Bux can also be used for permanent upgrades, such as faster elevators, purchasing costumes for the Bitizens and increases in maximum stock levels of different floors. Tower Bux can be obtained through in-app purchases, though players can earn them by doing various tasks such as: Assigning Bitizens to their dream jobs.




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