Lovely TwentyEight

On the 29th November, i officially turn 28. (Haha… my oh my, candles are increasing on my cake!) Having celebrated quite a number of birthdays in October and November, including Papa Yap, my sis and my adorable son whose birthday was just three days before mine,  finally it’s my birthday! 🙂

The day started rather gloomy, as the rain sets in and the phone rings, I received a rather bad news from Papa Yap after his exam at SIM. He told me that he hit a car on his way to his examinations. Oh, seriously what a way to start my day… However, on a positive side note, I should be relieved that it was a minor accident and nobody was hurt in that instance. He got his car checked at the workshop and was reassured that he could send the car in for repairs the next day as he needed it to drive us around for my birthday celebration.

Everything got better when we reached Temasek Club. For the start, we brought Darian to the indoor playhouse  and he had a wonderful time there! As it was a rainy Tuesday, we had the whole air-conditioned indoor playhouse to ourselves! Great! So much to play with, the slide, the tunnels, the kiddy cars, and as we explored the second level there’s a  few arcade game machines, a mini slide and playhouse, Xbox kinect, Wii, board games and a few computers for lan games! The best part is that they are all free except for the lan games and arcade games machines. Cool! 😉

lovely place for the kiddos!

Happy Sonny! Happy Mommy! 😉


Cruising around the playroom.

Can I hitch a ride? ;p

Hmm… What to cook? ;p

 Darian joined in the fun with Papa Yap and we were super amused by his actions! Totally hilarious, cheeky and adorable! 😉

Enough of all the fun and action for the boy, it’s finally my entertainment time. Woo… KTV! Yeah!  We proceeded to the Reggae room for 2 hrs of karaoke singing! (I just love singing.) We had a good deal of 2 hrs karaoke session with 5 standard drinks and 2 bowls of tidbits at only $29! 🙂 Of course I’m the main singer for the day and Papa Yap sang two duet songs with me. Love you.. muacks.. Lil’Darian shuffled to his favourite song – the party rock anthem in the room. haha.. Seriously till now, he is still attracted to the song. Everytime if he hears it, he will give an excited face and start shaking and ‘shuffling’ to the music. I really wonder why?? future clubber? Haha… Please dont! ;p

Haha are you singing or licking the microphone?


My loves.. muacks..

Later at night, we met up with my sis and John at Fish and co in  Tampines 1 for a birthday treat. We happened to bump into Richard and Yanni at Tampines 1. While they were still queuing for their dinner at Dian Xiao Er, Richard came over to Fish and co and carried Darian out for a short walk. Hah finally we managed to eat in peace for a while! ;p My sis bought me my favourite cakes from Secret Recipe. So sweet!


May my wishes come true 🙂

Though my birthday was just a simple affair but spending my day with my loved ones is blissful enough! Moment spent like this, is definitely priceless! (It’s not about the money money money…) Last but not least a big thank you to all for the lovely birthday treats, pressies (Especially love the Swarovski Earrings and Agnes b hp cover) and wishes through facebook and mobile. They simply complete my wonderful TwentyEight! You guys rock! 🙂



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