Papa’s TwentyEight

A day before Papa’s birthday, knowing that Papa Yap loves maguro and salmon sashimi, my sis and John gave us a treat at Hanabi Japanese restaurant at Odeon Tower.  🙂

John, Yiyi and Lil’ Darian 😉

On the actual day, 27th Oct,  we had a simple birthday celebration for Papa Yap at home. Bought a super cute cake from Compass Point Polar cakes, specially choosen by lil’ Darian! Guess what?? haha :p

Wahaha…Yes! He has choosen Thomas the train cake for Papa Yap! A cute cake indeed :p

I specially cooked the longevity noodles  mee sua, for papa’s birthday. (Longevity, or long-life, noodles is a popular traditional Chinese dish for birthdays. As their name indicates, they symbolize living to a ripe old age.) Knowing his taste buds and if giving him a choice, he would definitely not want have mee sua for his meal. Because of his birthday, he finished up everything in his bowl! 🙂

After our dinner, we had the cake cutting session. Papa Yap laughed upon seeing the cake. He said that he would bring Darian to choose my birthday cake too! wahaha…

Loving boy <3<3

Happy 28th Birthday Papa Yap! Mama and Darian love you so much! muackz!



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